Francis' success story

One among thousands of talents developed by the Utiva model

Francis Okoye
Lagos, Nigeria.
Program Taken
Utiva Big Data with Python
Key Skills Learned
CRISP-DM framework,
How to build Machine learning models and algorithm,
Web scraping and regular expressions.

What were you doing before Utiva?

I have been in the research industry for over 10 years

Why did you choose to study at Utiva?

I heard a lot about Utiva on various social media platforms and the impact on the data Analytics space in Nigeria and Africa at large. I decided to join Utiva in order to have a strong foundation in Data Science.

Did the training meet your expectations?

The training at Utiva was an all round great experience and it exceeded my expectations. The facilitator is incredibly passionate about data science which is quite inspiring and he shares a lot of real live experiences with on going projects. The training was indeed very insightful, great discussions and hands-on experience.

What was the highlight of your experience?

The key highlights of the training was working on Kaggle competitions and competing with each other in class, which was very interesting and helpful with the practical experience as a data scientist.

How has Utiva impacted your career?

Utiva has impacted my career by equipping me with the necessary tools to carry out research that bridges the gap between academia and the industry. Also, I have become more confident as a data scientist and with the skill I have learnt I collaborate with researchers on projects using Data Analytics tools I learnt.

I had high expectations of the program haven previously taken some courses online on product management and I must say I was blown by Utivas programme. The programme structure was great, the practical use cases and examples, team activities.