Chinasa's success story

One among thousands of talents developed by the Utiva model

Chinasa Ezeoke
Lagos, Nigeria.
Program Taken
Utiva Data Incubator
Key Skills Learned
Design and handle data using Excel and SQL,
Data Visualization & interpretation,
Data mining and structuring.

What were you doing before Utiva?

For me, Utiva was not only about coming to learn. It was about building a community. It was hard to find a place where you'd learn, make friends and still help out whichever way you'd like. When I first found out about Utiva, I had to observe for months before deciding because I didn't want audio things 😁.
The community got me -the fact that after the training that you can still get someone in the company to talk was amazing- and their vision too.

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Why did you choose to study at Utiva?

Everything about my experience was a highlight believe me. The coordination of the class (had a physical class), the program lead (Itunu, a darling) and the trainers (Adeiza- No words can describe his intellect, Adeniyi- the man with many skills and who still wants to do more). I won't forget Adeola (One of the Data School Leads, and a young chap I am in awe of), Eyitayo ( the CEO of Utiva, I call him E, you could see and feel the passion he has for Education. He is not into the business just for the money, it is his calling.
The vibe of the whole team was an eye opener, you could see that they all want the best for everyone that attended the training. You could feel their vibe as they work and you know that they love what they're doing.Anyone that knows me know that I don't joke with anything that has Utiva on it. I am die hard fan, my friends call me Utiva ambassador.

Did the training meet your expectations?

It met my expectations and then exceeded it which is what everyone with a product to sell aims at.

What was the highlight of your experience?

There has been a major shift in my life; like a laser focus kind of shift. My career has been impacted in different ways because I learned premium skills and met people who I know will be in my life for a long time.
Also, apart from the training on Excel and SQL, I got more value for my money and time in the form of soft skills learned at Utiva such as teamwork, collaboration, 'never say die' spirit.. To sum it all up, my career and personal development has really been impacted positively after my training at Utiva.

How has Utiva impacted your career?

My newly acquired skills have made me more productive in the course of my Job.

Utiva has done really for me. Bringing in financial and Business Intelligence into the oil and gas space, when I came to the conclusion that data analytics is something I wanted to delve into, I contacted a friend who did a course, so I attended the masterclass and I was blown away. They have a structured curriculum, you come to classes for 5 weeks and we have online sessions too, it is a total package.