Charles' success story

One among thousands of talents developed by the Utiva model

Charles Charles
Lagos, Nigeria.
Program Taken
Utiva Product School
Key Skills Learned
Product Leadership
Product Design
Agile Execution
and Team Management

What were you doing before Utiva?

I was a young SAP Analytics Consultant seeking analytics knowledge beyond the SAP space.

Why did you choose to study at Utiva?

The calibre of faculty at Utiva are top experts across different industries and are well grounded in their fields.
Also, I got a full scholarship to the Data School, and this gave me a first-hand experience of class. So I made up my mind that if I wanted to learn anything and Utiva offered it, that will be my first choice. So I have gone on to attend the Product School and AI School and recommended it to everyone I know.

Did the training meet your expectations?

It exceeded it. In service delivery, it's tough to find businesses that deliver quality service consistently. I attended the Product Management class on Saturday, got into the office on Monday and made an instant impact with the knowledge I had picked up over the weekend on a new product we were working on at my place of work. That in itself opened opportunities for growth that did not exist previously at my place of work.

What was the highlight of your experience?

That team engagement. Till date, I share a bond with some of the guys on my team from all my Utiva classes (Product, Data and AI). And I have a whole community to tap knowledge from, allowing me achieve more through the Utiva Alumni network.

How has Utiva impacted your career?

It's made me more relevant on a lot of projects, opened opportunities for growth at my work place, and has sharpened my skills in rapid research, product design, agile project management, and Data Analysis with a number of tools.
I get in a room and I can have a solid engagement with customers, the Dev teams, Product Designers, the PMO and Senior Management on the customers' needs and product strategy.

I had high expectations of the program haven previously taken some courses online on product management and I must say I was blown by Utivas programme. The programme structure was great, the practical use cases and examples, team activities.