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Agile Project Management Program

What You will Learn


Understand the concept of “Agile”

Get a strong grasp of agile, the agile project lifecycle, and aligning agile to the project vision.


Agile PM Principles

Explore the core principles of Agile PM and the relationships between the processes and tools.


The Development Framework

Gain an understanding of the different Agile Methodologies, their benefits and limitations.


Scrum Development process

Take a deep dive into the Scrum framework, understanding the roles, events and artifacts.


Jira For Sprints

Learn to manage backlogs, create epics, set up automations and monitor sprints progress.


Trello for Sprints

Use Trello for collaboration, managing story points, and running sprints retrospectives.

How you will learn

Our program is designed to fast-track your journey from learning to working on real-life projects.


Virtual Classes

Join and collaborate with other students in our Instructor-led virtual classes for an optimized learning experience


Business Case-focused

Work on real-life projects by applying what you learn to solve related business problems


Consulting Practice

Understand how to select and scope projects within the overall framework of the business.


Virtual Internship

Begin a 3-month remote internship program with our partner companies working on real business projects.

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Get Trained. Get Skills. Get Hired.

The Utiva training programmes helps you transition to your dream job with the right skills from experienced professionals.


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Project Management tools and also working with Jira.


1-month training (Weekends Only) with a 3-month virtual internship.

Benefits Includes

Graduate from this program as a senior project lead with real-life work experience.

Our training is loved by students worldwide

If you're a senior professional, you should join the Utiva PM School. The experience is great because you're working with students and facilitators from diverse industries to create an amazing experience.

In looking for the right place to go to, Utiva kept coming up. They had just released a report on how many students they had in their community and it just felt like the right fit for me so I decided to do it.

I joined the Utiva PM School because I needed to update my capacity in Project Management as well as reduce the turnaround time it takes me to deliver on my job role. Its been an awesome experience.