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Transform your workforce and prepare for the ‘Industry 4.0 and the Future of Work’

Talent Transformation

We can transform your results by helping your team acquire top skills like data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our approaches to learning drives immediate business success!

Future of Work, Nigeria Report

Have you seen the ‘Future of Work Report’? Be proactive enough to build a team that is ready for the future. Assess your talents and identify their skill gaps, analyze their culture fit, co-create a learning curriculum with us and let us help you deploy a transformational training for everyone.

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Why Utiva

We co-create our learning modules and contents with our clients. In partnership with over 500 businesses across different sectors, we have a vast knowledge leading capabilities to deliver results in areas like data science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc.

Our Tech Solution

Our data-driven online learning experience integrates an enterprise-deployable solution for remote learning and a support system for reinforcing knowledge which is highly powered by Machine Learning and AI.

Utiva Learning Themes

We co-create learning programs across 5 thematic areas

Thematic Areas

Growth Hacking

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Deployment

Agile Design & Development

Data Science

Product Innovation

Let us co-create a learning program for your workforce

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