My Data Analytics Journey

By: Shitta Hameedah
Business Performance Analyst at Jumia Nigeria

I have never done this but what better way to start than to talk about my data analytics journey. (brace yourself this might be lengthy)it all started from a post from Eyitayo I came across on LinkedIn in the early hours June 10th, 2019 (6 am thereabouts). The post was about Utiva data analytics courses. 

Prior to then, I had been using excel at work for reports and I had always wanted to do more with excel. I finally summoned the courage to send Eyitayo a message at about past 6 and guess what he replied almost immediately. I inquired about the course and after the conversation, I could feel it in my bone that I was on the right track. I got to the office and began to spread the Utiva gospel even when I hadn’t started the course. As expected majority said I should take the course first and give them feedback, However, a friend decided to take the course with me. Also, I don’t exactly do well with online courses so Utiva’s approach was perfect for me.


A few weeks after I registered, they held an intro class and I was opportune to attend. The class was about Power BI and Efemena did an amazing job. By the end of the class, I was extremely pumped and I couldn’t wait to start the course. Fast forward to the end of the class, Innocent took the SQL session while Mary took power, Bi.

They were both amazing!!! Basically, after the class, I went back to work feeling like my head was going to explode literally if I didn’t act on what I had learned at Utiva.

I took up the responsibility of building a Power BI dashboard for my team and basically automating some processes. 


I started the project and realized that it wasn’t as easy as I had thought but thankfully because Utiva did an amazing job laying the foundation, it was easy to manoeuvre the resources I got online. Also, I reached out to my facilitators Efemena and Mary and they were of great help all thanks to Utiva. About a month after the course, there was an opening in my office for a business analyst and I knew then I had to apply for the role and get it. This was the perfect opportunity to utilize everything I had learned. I didn’t exactly have all the skills they wanted but I went to the interview room very confident and passionate about data analytics and they could tell and so I got the role! and it’s been an amazing ride.


I remember during the first class, we were asked what we intended to gain from the course and I said “ career change”.As at then, I had no idea how it was going to happen but I knew I was a step closer. Utiva did that for me and I am very grateful to Eyitayo and that post that changed my life (sorry this is sounding like a church testimony).

The class sort of changes how you see the world. You then realize the amount of data you have had access to for a long time and insights that could have been gotten from it.No data is too little to make sense of. Eyitayo always said “when you torture your data enough it will confess” and that stuck with me because it’s nothing but the truth.

I have been hungry for more since the first class so I am joining the first cohort of the Utiva’s python big data analytics this month and the AI school afterwards.

I know for a fact that when I am talking about my data analytics journey, Utiva will be always at the forefront. To the talented facilitators Efe, Mary and Dotun keep up the good work.

I hope my not so short story inspires someone out there to pursue their dreams and key into data analytics and most importantly trust Utiva to make the ride smooth.

P.S: I didn’t mean for the post to be this long