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The Utiva Big Data Science Program is designed to help individuals and young professionals develop the capability to run diagnostic, prescriptive, predictive and descriptive analytics with big data.



Learning Model

Project-based learning model with 5 project assignments.


Physical Classes

10 Days- Saturdays & Sundays for Physical Classes


Training Methodology

Focus on delivering each knowledge area as a capstone project



We provide remote internship opportunities to outstanding students


Business Cases

Python programming, and more in order to solve real analytical problems.


Alumni Network

Join an invite-only network of Utiva Data Scientists.

The Advanced Big Data Program

The Utiva Advanced Big Data Program focuses on one major tool: Big Data Analytics with Python


Learn to use Python as your programming language and understand the fundamental components of programming, including data types, structures, and how to import and use various packages.

The Learning Model:

You'd be giving different coding assignments in form of challenges and you will start exploring data science libraries.


Analyzing and Cleaning Big Data – Data Manipulation, Common Errors, Sampling Learn to use Python programming language to import, clean, manipulate, and analyze various types of data. Learn to develop insights, draw a hypothesis, and start experimenting to test assumptions.

The Learning Model:

You will have the opportunity to Import, clean, and manipulate datasets, using Jupyter notebooks, numpy to solve real data science problems based on the case scenario.


Data Optics and Visualization: Presentation of Data Understand Python packages, working to construct visualizations to help tell stories from the data analytics and predictions.

The Learning Model:

Core focus on storytelling with visualizations, using packages in Python to make presentations that highlights compelling insights and predictions.


Data Modeling – Regression, Classification, Machine Learning Techniques Use real data problems from our tech partners, build linear models for numerical data and categorical models for non-numerical data, including machine learning models such as Naive Bayes and Decision Trees.

The Learning Model:

Core focus on storytelling with visualizations, using packages in Python to make presentations that highlights compelling insights and predictions.

The Utiva Career team works hard to help you transition to your dream jobs

  • The Utiva Job Board

    As a graduate of our learning program, we give you access to our job dashboard which is an invite-only group for sharing the latest job opportunities from our hiring partners.

  • Networking Events

    We host a monthly hangout with employers across 3 different cities in Nigeria; this event gives you the opportunity to meet different companies executives across different industries.

  • Job Support

    From CV prep and mock interviews to job matching and career advice – we’ll make sure you walk into your next job with confidence.

Testimonies From Our Student

"I joined the Utiva Data School because I’ve always been interested in Data Analytics. For the past 2 years, I’ve been talking about it and I thought it was just time to do something about it. And in looking for the right place to go, Utiva kept coming up. I read about them and it just felt like the right fit for me. As a Utiva Data Fellow, my goal is to be able to walk into any company, look at the data they have, and guide them on the best decisions to make."

Mayowa Hambolu, MBA

Senior Research Analyst/ Content Manager
(West Africa), Asoko Insight

"The first time I was introduced to Big Data Analytics with Python at Utiva, I was eager to start writing codes and solving real-world data-related problems after the first class. My expectation was met from Day 1. I can confidently say I got value for funds invested in the class with Utiva. I'm wishing the course extends further but it has to end this weekend (after 5 weekends). I'm amazed that I've gradually started building machine learning models."

Iyetule Abobare

Corporate Strategy Manager,
Serengeti OOH

"To be honest, I was sceptical about enrolling for the Big Data with Python program at Utiva. This was because of my past experience with programming, as a graduate of Computer Science. But I knew I had to do it if I wanted to advance my career in Data Science. 4 weeks into the course and I can't help but think of what I had been deprived of in the past. I seek solace in the saying better being late than ever! The faculty is amazing!"

Shitta Hameedah

Business Performance Analyst,
Jumia Nigeria

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