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Data Accelerator

Data     4 Weeks     > For Experienced Professionals

The Data Accelerator program of the Data School is designed to help professionals learn
the analytics and data strategy, bringing the value of Big Data Analytics to your current role

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Data Incubator

Data     7 Weeks     > For Early Professionals

The Data Incubator program of the Data School is designed for very early professionals
as an immersion program to help kick-start the journey of being a data scientist

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Agile HR Analytics

Data     3 Weeks     > For HR Professionals

The Agile HR Analytics program is designed for HR professionals(junior and senior) to
help bring the value of Big Data Analytics to HR functions and Talent Management.

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Big Data Analytics with Python

Data     12 Weeks     > For Experienced Professionals

The Utiva Big Data Science Program is designed to help individuals and companies of different forms and sizes develop the capability to run diagnostic, prescriptive, predictive and descriptive analytics with big data.

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Product School

Product     7 Weeks     > For Professionals

This training is designed by top professionals to help you learn the latest skills of design
thinking, product thinking, agile execution through an experiential learning model.

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AI School

AI     4 Weeks     > For Professionals

This program is designed to help you apply the important ML techniques for solving real
business problems and also help you make key data-driven decisions for business growth.

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Design School

Design     3 Weeks     > For Starters

This design learning program is taught by tech leaders and created as project-based learning
to help you develop the skills needed to create user experiences for products or digital properties.

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Marketing School

Market     3 weeks     >5 years experience

The Digital Marketing learning program is designed for professionals looking to develop and improve
their skills with the latest digital marketing techniques needed to thrive in the technology industry

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Programming School

Prog     7 Months     >5 years experience

The Machine Learning Program provides an intensive industry-aligned curriculum that equips you
with the necessary skills to iterate and develop predictive models for process optimization

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