About Us

We are the leading TECH EDUCATION company in Sub-Saharan Africa that helps people learn premium technology skills virtually and help companies hire the best talents.

7 Digital Schools
5k+ Professionals Trained
200+ Hiring Partners

Digital Transformation for Individuals and Businesses.

Since 2017, we have helped professionals from over 300 companies in Africa learn skills and develop capabilities to thrive in their workplaces and also stay relevant for the Future of Work.

Today we have students joining our remote learning programs from all over Africa and North America. With an ecosystem of over 5000 talents, access to a 200+ faculty network, and robust curricula co-designed with business leaders, we are the leading tech-ed company in Africa.

Top Faculty Trainers

Leading Utiva Faculty

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Head of Product,

Funto Akinbisehin

A senior product manager with more than 8 years experience in 4 industries.

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Data Analyst,
Sahara Group

Adeiza Suleman, MBA

From Consulting to Human Capital Development and currently in Oil and Gas.

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Vice President Product
Development, Mastercard

Olaseni Alabede

Guest trainer, Utiva Product School with a solid background in the finance.

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Senior Product Manager,
Venture Garden Group

John Oluseye Onifade

Product manager and software engineer with more than 9 years of experience.

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