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HR Analytics Program

What You will Learn


Data Processing

Sorting and filtering lists, building formulas, use of Paste Special, the IF function, cell references, linking worksheets, summarising data using Subtotal, Excel charts and using Pivot Tables.


Data Analysis

How to use time-saving keyboard shortcuts, convert and clean data types including text, times and dates, build impressive logic functions and conditional aggregations.


Data Modelling

Building models for data by creating relationships among the data sources. Also integrating the tables, enabling extensive analysis using PivotTables, Power Pivot, and Power View.


Data Segmentation

How to break down or combine data into meaningful groups, and then comparing those groups to identify meaningful relationships in your data.


Data Visual

How to interact with data to find business insights. Choosing from created custom visualization, or selecting from expanding list of available visualizations.

How you will learn

Here is how our program is designed to fast-track your journey from learning to working on real-life projects


Learning Model

A 1-month experiential learning and hands-on training session


Training Methodology

Learn through the lens of real-life product cases from top companies


HR Practice

Move fast from analytics to applicability in the work environment


Alumni Network

Join the Premium Product Scholars connect with leading employers

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Advanced Excel and Microsoft Power BI for Data Visualization


1 full month training(Weekends Only) with 2 Capstone project

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Typically, they say that data is the future but now it's not the future but what is happening right now. Utiva Agile HR Analytics program taught me how I can make values from a chunk of data and coin the numbers to make informed decisions, which aids HR strategic functions in deals like Recruitment, Learning and Development etc.

My advice to fellow HR practitioners is to become more strategic in nature, base your decisions on data, because like they say, “Data do not lie”. So I would definitely advise that you embark on the agile HR analytics class with Utiva, so that you can hone in on your skills. You can learn how to take raw data and interpret that data to make better decisions.

If you can get so much value for a sponsored course, then when people come for a paid course and I am enrolling with Utiva for a paid course, I can imagine what benefits or values I would get, the agile HR analytics is a very great program put together by Utiva. I would not only recommend HR analytics, I would recommend Utiva to my colleagues.