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What You will Learn


Introduction to Spreadsheets

Reading data into Excel using various formats. Basic functions in Excel, arithmetic as well as various logical functions. Formatting rows and columns using Cell locking and Named Ranges. Using formulas, absolute and relative referencing in Excel.


Analyst's Excel Toolbox(1)

Formulas with Absolute References. IF and Nested Functions. Working with Named Ranges. Array Functions (SUMIF & AVERAGEIF). CountIF(), SumIF(), Iferror(). Hlookup and Vlookup. Index and Match. Formula Auditing.


Excel ToolBox (2)

Tables, and Calculated Fields. VPivot LOOKUP across worksheets. Data filtering in Excel. Use of Pivot tables with categorical as well as numerical data. Introduction to the charting capability of Excel. Using the Classic PivotTable Layout. Slicers.

How you will learn

Our program is designed to fast-track your journey from learning to working on real-life projects


Virtual Classes

Join and collaborate with other students in our Instructor-led virtual classes for an optimized learning experience.


Business Case-focused

Work on real-life projects by applying what you learn to solve related business problems


Consulting Practice

Understand how to develop an effective Analytics strategy within the overall framework of the business.


Virtual Internship

Begin a 3-month remote internship program with our partner companies working on real business projects.

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Data Analytics with Structured Query Language and Advanced Excel for Analytics


1-month training (Weekends Only) with a 3-month virtual internship.

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Graduate from this program as a Senior data analyst with real-life work experience.

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I am excited about the healthcare industry and that’s because my dissertation was based on designing a predictive model for depression, so applying computing to healthcare is my strong forte. I enrolled into the Utiva Data School with an open mind and that helped me to understand that being an expert in computer science doesn't necessarily give you the golden lux to data analytics.

Utiva has done really for me. Bringing in financial and Business Intelligence into the oil and gas space, when I came to the conclusion that data analytics is something I wanted to delve into, I contacted a friend who did a course, so I attended the masterclass and I was blown away. They have a structured curriculum, you come to classes for 5 weeks and we have online sessions too, it is a total package.

I work with one of the biggest communication brands in Nigeria and since I've taken this class, I have been able to see how data analytics is important to my job. It has positioned me as a better professional. Data analytics changes everything especially when have a client who is always looking for a way to save money and save time. The facilitators simplify every process and I'll say what made the whole difference.